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News Jan 30, 2014 ,   Signals Research Group's New LTE Smartphone Benchmark Study Finds Wide...                  Jan 21, 2014 ,   Google's Moto X tops LTE network connectivity test...                  Feb 25, 2013 ,   Chip Shot: Intel's LTE Chipset Captures Top Honors in Signal Research ...                  Sep 12, 2012 ,   Signals Research Group Tests Smartphone GPS Performance with Spirent S...                  Oct 04, 2011 ,   Can Sprint's Network Handle the iPhone?...                  Sep 19, 2011 ,   AT&T goes live with LTE; early analyst review praises downlink speeds...                  Mar 09, 2010 ,   What's really causing the capacity crunch?...                  Feb 12, 2010 ,   If your operator turns on CPC (continuous packet connectivity) your ha...                 
LTE and the Public Safety Communications Paradigm Shift
Opportunities and challenges for the Public Safety communications mark...
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eMBMS / LTE Broadcast - once bitten, twice shy?
Opportunities and challenges for LTE Broadcast...
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SDN and NFV - It's not a single network anymore
An examination of SDN and NFV and its impact on the network and the op...
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Fifty Shades of MIMO
Quantifying the impact of MIMO in commercial LTE networks...
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