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You Can't Ride in my Little Red Wagon ... Because it is Being Used to Lug Around Test Equipment to Measure the Performance of VoWI-FI

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New Commissioned Study

Carrier Aggregation and the User Experience

When a Double or Triple (in the Bandwidth) Turns into a Home Run

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New Commissioned Study

The Essentials of Intellectual Property, from 3G through LTE Release 12

Quantifying technology leadership in the development of the 3G and LTE standards from their inception through December 2014

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Signals Research Group specializes in comprehensive data-driven coverage of the global wireless telecommunications sector

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Signals Research Group publishes timely, data-driven, research with insights into the industry completely unavailable from any other source.

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There are times when our addressable clientle, which includes services and solutions providers, Venture Capitalists and Private Equity firms, small startups and multi-national organizations, has a particular requirement that is not addressed by our generalized research products.  Signals Research Group is available for consultation, including creating Commissioned Studies, some of which are available to download.


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