Consulting Services

Consulting Services

We recognize that our addressable clientele, which includes services and solutions providers, Venture Capitalists and Private Equity firms, small startups and multi-national organizations, may have a particular requirement that is not addressed by our generalized research products. Therefore, SRG offers proprietary research and consulting services that can be tailored to an organization’s particular needs. While some of our consulting clients subscribe to Signals Ahead, many of our clients prefer the specialized information or work that only a tailored engagement can provide.

Benchmarking Services

One of our focus areas is providing benchmarking services.  This activity generally involves independently verifying that a product achieves certain performance characteristics or it can involve comparing similar products from different suppliers.

Network Economics Modeling

Over the years we have done work with numerous entities, including spectrum holders, vendors and trade associations, to help them understand the network economics implications of implementing new products and services.  Our key focus area is next-generation networks.

Due Diligence

We work with Venture Capitalists, Private Equity firms and organizations within the wireless industry to help them evaluate the technical merits or business prospects of a company or market opportunity. We pride ourselves in having participated in numerous major transactions over the last few years and we always maintain complete discretion in this work in order to protect our clients and our franchise.

Market Analysis and Assessment

SRG works with private and public companies to help them identify strategic partners and potential customers, as well as provide them with independent feedback and an assessment of their business strategy and targeted end markets. If warranted, we partner with a leading global strategic consulting firm to provide a level of service, expertise, and reach that is unsurpassed in the industry.

Onsite Presentations and Workshops

We are frequently asked to speak at company off-sites or company-sponsored customer events around the globe. We cater our presentations to the needs of the client and we are frequently rebooked for subsequent events.

Business Plan Preparation

We work with private companies to help them bring their message to potential investors or customers. Given our level of technical expertise and vast experience in describing “technical concepts” in “layman’s terms” – thanks to our Signals Ahead newsletter – we are frequently sought for this type of project.

Premium Subscription Service

SRG provides ongoing consultation to clients so that they understand the message within the message (reading between the lines of our research). For clients who select this level of service, we proactively keep them up-to-date on information that is critical to their business or investment needs. Because each client’s requirements are different, we customize this service offering for each client that we support.

Further, recognizing that we must cater our report to a broad array of readers, we adhere to the “soup to nuts” approach. For readers without any engineering background or without any familiarity with the technology being discussed, we start with the very basics in which we discuss the history and explain how the technology works in very simple and easy to understand terms and analogies. For more knowledgeable readers, we rise to the occasion by providing research that cannot be found in “watered down” research products.

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