Chips and Salsa XVI

Chips and Salsa XVI

Sweet 16 and Never Been Benchmarked

02/25/2013 | 49 pages
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LTE baseband chipset benchmark study

In our 16th Chips and Salsa, we provide the results from the industry’s only independent benchmark study of cellular baseband chipsets.

In this report, we provide the results from our recent performance benchmark study of LTE baseband chipsets. This study marks our 8th collaboration with Spirent Communications. Spirent provided us with engineering support and the use of its 8100 test system. This approach ensures that we have a highly objective study and that each chipset was subjected to identical test conditions. SRG takes full responsibility for the conclusions and analysis provided in this report.


  • We benchmarked a staggering eight different chipsets from eight different chipset suppliers, including both pre-commercial and commercial chipsets.
  • All chipsets performed well under less challenging conditions but with the more challenging conditions there was a wide variance in the results with more than a 20% difference between the top- and bottom-performing chipsets.
  • Three chipsets vied for top honors but ultimately we had to declare one the winner.