Chips and Salsa XVIII: The Cat 4 is Out of the Bag

Chips and Salsa XVIII: The Cat 4 is Out of the Bag

05/07/2014 | 40 pages

Results from the latest LTE FDD chipset benchmark study

In our tenth benchmark study that we have done with Spirent Communications, we provide results from LTE FDD Category 4 chipset testing.  Participating chipset manufacturers include Ericsson, HiSilicon Intel, MediaTek, Qualcomm and Samsung.


  • We benchmarked six LTE chipsets from Ericsson (pre-commercial), HiSilicon (commercial), Intel (commercial), MediaTek (pre-commercial), Qualcomm (commercial) and Samsung (pre-commercial).
  • We tested each chipset against 29 test scenarios involving five ITU channel models, two transmission modes, and three MIMO correlation factors.
  • Results are based primarily on achievable throughput, although we also analyzed the distributions of reported CQI values, ACK/NACK/DTX percentages for both codewords and MIMO utilization rates.
  • The Samsung pre-commercial chipset was the top-performing chipset and it distinguished itself from its peers, in particular with some of the more challenging test scenarios.