Lessons Learned from the Three Little Pigs

Lessons Learned from the Three Little Pigs

Key Takeaways from the Brooklyn 5G Summit

05/09/2016 | 19 pages

In this Signals Flash! report we provide our thoughts following our participation at the Brooklyn 5G Summit that we attended in late April.


Lessons Learned from the Three Little Pigs.  The greatest risk facing 5G / NR is that the industry rushes to judgment when it comes to defining the New Radio (NR).  Picking the best solution will depend largely on knowing the requirements of each use case, ensuring that all use cases have been identified, and selecting a channel model(s) that can do the best job of characterizing how the new air interface will perform when exposed to a valid and realistic set of network conditions.  Beware of the Big Bad Wolf.

NR and the Inertia Challenge.  Our belief is the greatest challenge facing NR is inertia – either on the part of the vertical markets to adopt and enable the use cases or on the part of the operators to provide the ubiquitous coverage necessary to make some of the use cases a reality.

RAN1 Update on NR.  Although it is still the very early stages of defining the characteristics of NR, the RAN1 Working Group has agreed to a few basic attributes for the Release 14 Study Item.

LTE / NR or DSRC for V2X.  At least some in the automotive industry believe DSRC is more than adequate when it comes to supporting V2X use cases while others in the cellular industry are not so sure.