Loon and a Terrestrial LTE Network

Loon and a Terrestrial LTE Network

How Loon Coverage Impacts an Existing Terrestrial LTE Network, the Interactions Between the Two Networks, and the Loon User Experience

02/12/2020 | 63 pages

Signals Research Group (SRG) conducted a comprehensive network performance benchmark study of Loon. We collected the data over a period of five days (September 23–27) in a region just south of Tarapoto, Peru. The results presented in this paper stem from a combination of drive testing and walk testing in a very rural part of the country where terrestrial LTE coverage wasn’t always available.

Key Observations

  • Loon only has a modest detrimental impact on the existing terrestrial LTE network while
    improving coverage in areas where terrestrial LTE coverage does not exist.


  • The performance of the Loon network is somewhat comparable to a terrestrial LTE network
    with similar attributes.


  • The user experience with Loon is surprisingly good.