LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation Network Performance Study

LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation Network Performance Study

LTE Advanced Network Drive Test – Gangnam Style! As The Carrier Aggregation World Turns

10/23/2013 | 62 pages
Price: $1,800.00

Analysis of LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation

This 62-page report is specifically tailored to those operators and other entities who are interested in understanding the performance characteristics of carrier aggregation when it comes to downlink throughput versus a wide assortment of other network parameters and how these characteristics impact the user experience while performing various mobile data applications, including web browsing, video telephony, VoLTE, Skype Voice/Video, Google Play and 1080p video.

Key questions that we address in this 62-page report include the following:

  1. What is the overall downlink performance of carrier aggregation and how do the primary and secondary carriers individually contribute to the total performance?
  2. How does the simultaneous use of a high-band and a low-band carrier translate into actual performance, including other KPIs, such as resource block allocations, SINR and RSRP, throughout the cell grid?
  3. Other than basic throughput, what other carrier aggregation attributes impact the user experience and to what degree and under what conditions?
  4. What impact does carrier aggregation have on the user experience for basic mobile data applications, such as web browsing, Skype Voice/Video, VoLTE, Video Telephony and 1080p video?
  5. How does the use of two simultaneous carriers vary as a function of the transport block size (TBS)?
  6. How does the TBS differ between web browsing on a notebook computer versus a smartphone browser?
  7. How does the uplink performance (throughput, transmit power, transmit power per RB) in Seoul compare with the LTE TDD and LTE FDD networks that we recently tested in Japan?
  8. How much incremental performance gain does a Category 4 device deliver versus a Category 3 device and how often is this gain realized?
  9. What are the network resource requirements for various applications, including VoLTE, Skype Voice/Video, Video Telephony and 1080p video?
  10. What is the aggregate throughput of a Release 10 and Release 8 modem running in parallel and what is the difference in between the two modems?