LTE and the Public Safety Communications Paradigm Shift

LTE and the Public Safety Communications Paradigm Shift

05/29/2014 | 29 pages
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Opportunities and challenges for Public Safety Communications

Although forecasts vary dramatically, Public Safety LTE is a multi- billion dollar market opportunity for infrastructure vendors, chipset suppliers and device manufacturers.  Unfortunately, it is approaching 20 years in the making and it still seems as if not very much has happened since the initiatives first began – in some cases in the previous Century.


  • We provide a history lesson of where the Public Safety Communications sector has been
  • We discuss where the industry is going on a global basis
  • We identify the Public Safety Communications requirements and how the industry standards’ bodies are [or are not] addressing these needs
  • We look to the future and discuss how we believe the market will evolve, the vendors that are helping in the effort, and the innumerable challenges that remain