RAN #76 5G Standardization Update

RAN #76 5G Standardization Update

The Calm Before The Storm

06/26/2017 | 15 pages
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We recently attended the RAN #76 Plenary, held in West Palm Beach, Florida. Following on the heels of RAN #75, where 5G moved from a study item to a work item, things were far more subdued at this plenary. However, we also believe it represented the calm before the storm.

Highlights of the Report include the following:

NSA Spillover.  Although things seem to be reasonably on track to complete the NSA option in December and the full Release 15 specification in June 2018, there are other implications that need to be considered. We discuss how prioritization can have consequences that, if nothing else, impact future releases (i.e., Release 16 functionality).

Rush to Standardization.  Too many cooks in the kitchen and a short order cook mentality can create havoc and/or result in the customer not receiving the meal he or she ordered. We cite a few examples where this is already occurring and where it could occur in the future.

Its a Small Cell World.  Next up is part one of our two-part series of small cell benchmark studies.