RAN#80 5G Standardization Update

RAN#80 5G Standardization Update


07/28/2018 | 20 pages
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SRG recently attended the RAN#80 Plenary, held in La Jolla, California. Chennai, India. As we indicated in our recent Signals Flash, 3GPP signed off on the set of specifications which define Option 2.  However, the real interest lies with the decisions made on Release 16 – the focus of this Signals Ahead report.

Highlights of the Report include the following:

Release 15 Punch List.   We summarize the remaining action items which are required to complete Release 15, including outstanding items which impact the Option 3 and Option 2 architectures. Say hello to NR-NR DC.

Making the Cut.  3GPP seemly approved almost every proposed study /work item for Release 16 for both LTE and 5G NR. The scope of each item varies widely with some activities requiring a lot [probably too much] work while other items only have a token impact. We discuss these items, which range from V2X (lots of work) to higher 5G NR support in higher frequency bands (token effort). It is very clear those vertical markets who actively participate in 3GPP are having success.

A Return to Benchmarking.  It has been a few issues since we’ve done a benchmark study, but needless to say we have a lot in store for the coming months. IoT (field and lab), massive MIMO and 5G top the list.