RAN#82 5G Standardization Update

RAN#82 5G Standardization Update

Now that the Dust has Settled

01/08/2019 | 22 pages
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Last December, we attended the RAN#82 Plenary in Sorrento, Italy.  In this Signals Ahead report we provide our final thoughts based on recent RAN Plenary activities and key decisions impacting the functionality and timeline of the 5G standard.

Ongoing Release 15 Activities.  As we noted in our December Signals Flash, 3GPP elected to delay the completion of the “late drop” from December 2018 until March 2019.  This decision was due largely to the high number of change requests which occurred since September and which prevented the RAN working groups from finishing the release.  Additionally, there was additional functionality and unresolved issues which needed to be addressed.  We discuss what occurred in Sorrento and what it means for Release 15 and its functionality.

Release 16 Activities.  We provide an update on the ongoing study items and work items which are currently part of Release 16.  As we previously noted, 3GPP delayed the completion of Release 16 by 3 months.  Additionally, there is an impact to the functionality included in the release.  This latter point is probably more important than the slight delay.  We discuss.