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The Matrix

Quantifying the Benefits of 64T64R Massive MIMO with Beamforming and Multi-User MIMO Capabilities

11/29/2018 | 89 pages
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SRG conducted the first independent benchmark study of Massive MIMO. For this study, we tested in Dallas, Texas with the Sprint LTE TDD network (Band 41) by comparing the results of side-by-side 64T64R and 8T8R antenna systems.

Highlights of the Report include the following:

Our Thanks.  We did this study with the logistical support of Accuver Americas who provided us with its suite of drive test tools. We used XCAL-Auto to remotely control and monitor the test activities with the eight remote Galaxy S8 smartphones which were located throughout the network. We used XCAL-Solo with each S8 smartphone to log the data and we used XCAP to post process and analyze the data. SRG takes full responsibility for the data collection and the analysis provided in the report.

Our Methodology.  We logged chipset diagnostic messages on eight Galaxy S8 smartphones distributed throughout the sector (commercial and non-commercial radio channels). The selected cell site supported 8T8R or 64T64R, making it possible to compare performance with very similar conditions. The device placements included ideal locations and distributed locations with a mix of SINR. We also included mobility and the impact of device proximity as part of the analysis. Finally, we did side-by-side testing with two smartphones, one locked to 8T8R and one locked to 64T64R to look at link budget comparisons.

The Results.  We observed up to a 3.4x increase in downlink sector throughput and up to an 8.9x increase in the uplink sector throughput versus 8T8R (obviously the gain is substantially higher relative to 2T2R). Results varied based on the test conditions that we identified. Link budget tests revealed close to a triple-digit improvement in uplink data speeds. Preliminary results for the downlink also showed strong gains. Future improvements in 64T64R are forthcoming based on likely vendor product roadmaps.

A Must Read.  This report is a “must read” for any organization interested in Massive MIMO and its implications for increasing spectral efficiency, either with LTE or with 5G mid-band deployments.