VoLTE Benchmark Study, Part 2

VoLTE Benchmark Study, Part 2

Analyzing VoLTE Client Performance in a Commercial Network

01/12/2015 | 49 pages
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Smartphone / VoLTE client benchmark study

SRG conducted a benchmark study of four smartphones / VoLTE implementations in a commercial LTE network.  We did this study in collaboration with Spirent Communications, who provided us with its test equipment and engineering support to collect much of the data.  We also leveraged Accuver’s XCAP post-processing software to analyze the Layer 1 information.


  • Of the four smartphones that we tested, only one smartphone / VoLTE implementation achieved longer battery life with VoLTE than with 3G CS Voice.  Two smartphones came close and one smartphone trailed by a meaningful amount.  Still, much better than we observed last summer.
  • OTT voice applications (FaceTime, Skype and Viber) did great when the conditions were right, but consistent with our earliest test campaign the results weren’t always good and there are two big tradeoffs associated with using these applications.
  • There are measurable differences in voice quality between 3G Voice (NB-AMR) and HD-Voice (3G), but VoLTE still comes out on top.  We provide the numbers.