646.2 Degrees of Freedom

646.2 Degrees of Freedom

Quantifying the Benefits of 3-Carrier CA with Support for up to 1 Gbps and the World's First 4-Carrier CA Network

04/19/2017 | 44 pages
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In this Signals Ahead report we provide the industry’s first independent and indepth analysis of 4CCA and Gigabit LTE. For this study we used the Telstra network in Sydney, Australia.

Key Highlights from this Study

Our Thanks.  This study could not have been done without the support of Accuver Americas, who provided us with its XCAL data capture and XCAP post-processing software to collect and analyze the data.

Our Approach.  We tested with the NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 router, configured to work with 4CCA or in 3CCA mode by locking the device to Band 28 and Band 7 (2 radio channels). We used a high bandwidth FTP server within the operator’s network (multi-thread session) to generate the data traffic.

The KPIs.  Although data rates are interesting, and we include them in the report, we primarily focused on those performance metrics which reflect network efficiency. In particular, we looked at the individual and combined use of 256-QAM and MIMO rank indicator (RI >=3). We included a wealth of other KPIs and their impact on performance in the study.

The Results.  The results for 4CCA were pretty much as anticipated while we were greatly encouraged by our findings in the 3CCA tests, especially relative to earlier studies we have done.

Meet the Jetsons.  Up next in the queue, LTE and its ability to support command and control of drone traffic.