Chips and Salsa XVII - Smartphone OTA Performance Benchmark Study

Chips and Salsa XVII - Smartphone OTA Performance Benchmark Study

Results From The Industry’s First Independent Over-The-Air (OTA) Performance Benchmark Study Of Leading Smartphones

01/16/2014 | 56 pages
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OTA performance benchmark study of leading smartphones

In our 17th Chips and Salsa, we provide results from the industry’s first independent Over-the-Air (OTA) benchmark study of commercially-procured LTE mobile devices.

For this study we continued our multi-year collaboration with Spirent Communications, who provided us with a full suite of test equipment and engineering support to conduct the tests. ETS-Lindgren joined us in the collaborative effort by providing its anechoic chamber as well as providing access to the company’s facilities in Austin, Texas.

Given the highly differentiated information contained in this report we remind readers that this report, including individual tables and figures, CANNOT BE SHARED beyond the terms of your license.


  • We benchmarked five commercially procured smartphone – the LG G2, the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Samsung Galaxy Note II, the HTC One, and the Motorola Moto X.
  • Each smartphone was tested at twelve different angles (0 to 330 in 30 degree increments) with the SCME UMi (Urban Micro) fading conditions across a wide range of power levels with both correlated and uncorrelated signals. In total, each device was tested for at least 420 minutes in the chamber.
  • The top performing smartphone won by a country mile, outperforming the second best performing smartphone by more than 35% across all tests. At lower power levels it was able to sustain a data call as much as 9 dB lower than the other devices that we tested.
  • We include results from some sensitivity studies that look at the incremental impact of MIMO (TM3) versus transmit diversity (TM2) as well as the performance impact of introducing a protective cover.