A Performance Benchmark Study of 3GPP-based IoT Devices in a Lab Environment

02/19/2019 | 57 pages
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SRG conducted what we believe is the first independent benchmark study of 3GPP-based IoT devices. For this study, we analyzed the power consumption / energy requirements of Cat M1 and Cat NB1 modules and devices operating under a wide range of network conditions and usage scenarios.

Highlights of the Report include the following:

Our Thanks.  We did this study in collaboration with the H2020 EU TRIANGLE Project and the Connectivity Services Section at Aalborg University. TRIANGLE performed tests on our behalf, leveraging its lab facilities in Europe. SRG takes full responsibility for the analysis of the data provided in the report.

Our Methodology.  We tested Cat M1 and Cat NB1 modules and devices leveraging Keysight Technologies test equipment. By measuring the voltage and current with a high sampling rate and with very precise accuracy we were able to estimate the battery life of the devices under test. Additionally, we were able to allocate the energy budget to each IoT state (PSM, DRX, Synch, etc.).

The Scope.  We included 3 radio conditions (Good, Robust and Extreme), four reporting cycles (2 hours to monthly) and nine data payloads (2 bits to 1,600 bits). Results in the report slice and dice the results multiple ways to show the relative impact of each primary assumption in the scenario. In addition to showing absolute results, we provide relative analysis to quantify the percentage impact of modifying each assumption.

The Results.  A 10-year battery life is feasible with many scenarios – in fact, we observed multiple scenarios in which the battery life exceeded the life expectancy of a human residing in the US circa 1800. However, in other cases the estimated battery life fell well short of the 3GPP target threshold of 10 years. Furthermore, our analysis excludes ancillary components that an IoT device will likely need and which could have a very meaningful impact on the battery life.

More To Come.  This report is the first in a series of IoT studies. We are currently in the Australian Bush conducting IoT field studies (Cat NB1, Cat M1, and Cat 1) and we’ll be doing more field studies back in the US, likely including non-3GPP IoT solutions, such as LoRa.