RAN #86 Update

RAN #86 Update

The Ins and Outs of Release 17

12/12/2019 | 15 pages

We just finished attending the RAN #86 plenary in Sitges, Spain.  3GPP put a partially tied bow on R16 from a RAN1 perspective.  Overall, R16 will likely slip by 3 months.  3GPP also somewhat solidified the contents of R17.  Although lots of proposed functionality didn’t make the cut, R17 includes compelling new features and enhancements to existing functionality.


5G Benchmark Video.  We just posted a link on our homepage to a video which shows a behind-the-scenes look at multiple 5G benchmark studies that we have done. If nothing else, the 3 minute video features the greatest rock anthem of all time, plus it interjects key findings from some of our studies (https://signalsresearch.com/5gtf-video-2/).

RAN1.  Thirteen new study items and/or work items, including NR-Light, the potential use of higher frequency bands up to 71 GHz, and enhancements to multiple earlier features (MIMO, sidelink, positioning, coverage, power savings, and IoT).

RAN2.  Following the last-minute, and somewhat dramatic, removal of some work / study items, RAN 2 was left with fourteen new study items and/or work items, including many that are led by RAN1. RAN2 initiatives include NR multicast, RAN slicing and multi-SIM, as well as non-public networks enhancements.

RAN3.  Nine new study items and/or work items, including many that are led by RAN1 or RAN2. RAN3 initiatives include NR SON/MDT (Self-Organization Networks / Minimization of Drive Testing) and QoE (Quality of Experience) management and optimization.