RAN#75 5G Standardization Update

RAN#75 5G Standardization Update

Proving Once Again that the Shortest Distance Between Two Points is a Parabolic Curve

03/16/2017 | 26 pages
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We recently attended the RAN #75 Plenary, held in Dubrovnik, Croatia. At this plenary, 5G finally transitioned from being a study item to a work item, so now the real work begins. As part of our series of reports on the 5G standardization process, we provide an update on the recent activities pertaining to the new air interface as well as discuss the overall 3GPP standardization process.

Highlights of the Report include the following:

It’s a Wrap.  In addition to completing Release 14 (almost), 3GPP approved the Release 15 work item for 5G / NR, as well as spectrum-specific work items and a host of study items for 5G / NR and LTE.  The latter sets the stage for Release 16 functionality. We provide our thoughts on the 5G / NR WID and the study items for both 5G / NR and LTE.

Fun Factoid.  It was far easier to gain enrollment into Wharton in 2016 (admission rate = 19.8%) than it was to get 3GPP to approve a Release 15 study item or work item (chance of success = 11.5%) – not that anyone likes to brag about an MBA from Wharton.

It Takes 3.  We discuss the potential ramifications and the rationale behind a major infrastructure supplier potentially delaying work on some critical LTE features that are further enhanced in Release 15. Hint – It has to do with the number 3. For now, the work continues, but things could change come June. Ultimately, we don’t think it will reach such an extreme level and that cooler heads will prevail.