RAN#84 Standardization Update

RAN#84 Standardization Update

That's Messed Up (and we're not referring to proposed Release 17 functionality)

06/11/2019 | 21 pages
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Last week, we attended the RAN#84 Plenary in Newport Beach, CA. In this Signals Ahead report we provide our thoughts based on recent RAN Plenary activities and key decisions impacting the functionality and timeline of the 5G standard.

That’s Messed Up!  In the ongoing saga of politics and standardization commingling, we bring you events which took place at RAN#84. Although politics didn’t preclude companies from attending, it did impact how companies interact with each other and it will impact how they interact with each other in the future. Although there are no obvious detrimental effects to date, we can’t see how these new policies will be good for the standardization process and the overall global telecom industry.

Aperiodic CSI-RS Redux.  We covered this topic in our last 5G standardization update. This time around the working agreement continued to face opposition – some publicly and some seemingly privately. It came down to a vote and the result wasn’t what we expected, nor is it good for the prospects of 5G commercialization and its initial market success.

Release 17 on the Distant Horizon.  Although work within RAN won’t start until next year (SA is well on its way), the RAN plenary set side more than a full day to discuss potential functionality for Release 17. We discuss many of the proposed items, which include lessons learned from initial launches, enhancements to R15 and R16 features, and new items.