12/23/2019 | 21 pages
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SRG just returned from Sitges, Spain where we attended the RAN#86 Plenary.  During the four-day event the plenary “finalized” the study items and work items for Release 17, plus it discussed other important topics which impact the cellular industry.

Highlights of the Report include the following:

It’s a Festivus Miracle!  On the last day of the SA Plenary (after we published our Signals Flash), SA approved a 15-month schedule for Release 17, consistent with the RAN timeline.  Some down scoping was required to meet the more aggressive timeline.

What’s Out.  In our earlier Signals Flash, we summarized those R17 study items and work items which are part of R17.  In this Signals Ahead, we examine the originally proposed scope of work for each item to identify the functionality which is no longer part of the release and likely to be included in Release 18.

5G Icon Redux.  We revisit our earlier discussions on the use of the 5G icon.  Although it has no technical bearing on performance, the 5G icon does provide the consumer with information about the network the phone is using.  Updated GSMA guidance suggests some important changes and additional granularity to the original guidelines.

Lower capability Release 16 Devices.  There is at least some interest within the 3GPP community to allow lower capability 5G devices, thereby driving down costs and hopefully accelerating market adoption.  The initiative comes at a cost (performance) and we think there are better alternatives to consider.

5G Fragmentation.  If current activities continue, the industry could end up with two non-compatible 5G technologies targeting the cellular industry – one set of specifications supporting the majority of the world and one set of specifications dedicated to one country (albeit a country that represents a huge market opportunity).  We discuss.