Signals Flash - Brooklyn 5G Summit Key Takeaways

Signals Flash - Brooklyn 5G Summit Key Takeaways

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

05/03/2017 | 19 pages

In late April we attended the Brooklyn 5G Summit.

Key Highlights

A Trip Down Memory Lane.  Following last year’s Brooklyn 5G Summit we published a Signals Flash report entitled, “Lessons Learned from the Three Little Pigs.” Since nearly a full year has passed since that report, we thought it might be worthwhile to revisit what we wrote at the time and compare it to where things are now.

They said What?!  Although there isn’t a common theme, we highlight a few comments and opinions expressed by various presenters at the event.

The wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Introducing a new air interface in frequencies that span anywhere from 1.4x to 15x higher in frequency than the upper limit of what operators typically use for LTE inherently presents some challenges. We offer up a few that come to mind.