Signals Flash - Fun with Millimeter Wave Signals

Signals Flash - Fun with Millimeter Wave Signals

Video Highlights of our Forthcoming Benchmark Study of a 5GTF Network Deployment

02/01/2018 | 11 pages

SRG just completed its first, and likely the world’s first, independent benchmark study of a 5G network, specifically a 28 GHz millimeter wave system. For this study, we used the Rohde & Schwarz TSME scanner to collect and analyze RF signal characteristics which will allow us to predict likely coverage areas as well as potential maximum end user data rates.

Key Highlights

The Network.  We tested the Verizon 5GTF trial network in Houston, Texas. Although the 5GTF specifications are not compatible with the 3GPP specifications, we believe the differences have immaterial impact on the metrics that we analyzed.

The Video.  We’ve posted a video to our home page which highlights our test methodology, while also providing some strong hints for the actual results that we obtained.

Some Details.  We performed stationary and walk tests with the TSME scanner, using both an omni-directional and directional horn antenna. We included line-of site, near-line-of-site and non-line-of-site tests, with both indoor and outdoor locations. With both antennas, we tested at distances that greatly exceeded operator public statements that we’ve heard.

The Report.  We will be publishing the report just in advance of MWC. It will be available to all Signals Ahead subscribers or it can be purchased separately.