What's the PSC, Kenneth?

What's the PSC, Kenneth?

Quantifying the Need and Benefits oOf Interference Cancellation Solutions in a 3G Network

05/28/2013 | 50 pages
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Interference cancellation in a 3G network

Interference is the bugaboo of all wireless technologies. In its absence, Shannon’s Theorem becomes a beautiful thing. In its presence, the ‘N” dominants the ‘S” and all things go to heck in a handbasket. In this issue of Signals Ahead, we provide insight into the amount of interference that exists in a 3G network, its potential impact on data rates and network efficiency, and how an advanced equalizer can be used to maximize performance when these challenging conditions exist. For this effort we once again leveraged the powerful capabilities of the Accuver XCAL drive test tool and XCAP post-processing software to capture and analyze the data.

Specifically, in this report we provide the following:

  • The probability that a mobile data user will experience inter-cell interference in a 3G HSPA+ network;
  • The magnitude of the interference – number of active cells and the relative [RSCP] power levels of the dominant interfering cells;
  • The impact of the interference on relevant KPIs, including the reported CQI (Channel Quality Indicator), the Physical Layer Requested Throughput, the Physical Layer Scheduled Throughput, and the MAC-HS Layer Throughput, which is a great proxy for the end user data rates;
  • The benefits of an interference cancellation solution, in terms of both increased network efficiency and higher end user throughput; and
  • Insight into how the network scheduler assigned resources to two collocated mobile devices based on differences in their reported channel conditions.