InterDigital mmW highlighted by leading analyst Mike Thelander

In his Signals Flash roundup of the most exciting features of the recent Mobile World Congress, leading industry analyst Mike Thelander of Signals Research highlighted InterDigital’s 60GHz millimeter-wave hotspot research, which was announced at the conference in collaboration with imec. According to Thelander, “If the solution works as proposed it would make it far easier and faster to deploy high-capacity wireless backhaul connectivity to the small cell. Further, the solution could be far more resilient to disruptions in the millimeter wave radio link which requires line-of-site and the ability to cope with high propagation loss, not to mention weather-related interruptions.”

Mike Thelander is the founder of Signals Research, and has been one of the most respected voices in the wireless industry for many years. For more information about InterDigital’s millimeter-wave research and other areas of 5G, please visit the InterDigital Vault at and enter the search term “5G”.