Nokia AirScale launch ushers in a new age of cloud-based Wi-Fi for service providers #MWC16

21 February, 2016
Press Release

  • Nokia AirScale Wi-Fi includes compact indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi access points, Wi-Fi modules for integration in small cells, and is an integral part of new Nokia AirScale Radio Access
  • Features a unique cloud-based Wi-Fi Controller with instant access point plug-and-play and auto-scaling for carrier-grade networks
  • Makes gigabit Wi-Fi simple to deploy, also lets service providers without licensed spectrum deliver a mobile-like customer experience
  • Nokia will further leverage the AirScale Wi-Fi by implementing LTE-Wi-Fi Aggregation (LWA) – an LTE-Advanced Pro feature – to boost LTE capacity
    21 February, 2016

Espoo, Finland – Leveraging its expertise in mobile networks, Nokia has created cloud-based, carrier-grade Wi-Fi that combines gigabit wireless performance with deployment simplicity. With the launch of Nokia AirScale Wi-Fi, mobile operators can seamlessly integrate Wi-Fi with their existing networks to improve the customer experience and generate new revenue streams. The solution also allows service providers without licensed spectrum to run a Wi-Fi service that takes advantage of mobile edge computing and analytics to deliver advanced context-based services.

A key component of Nokia AirScale Wi-Fi is the cloud-based Controller that enables easy and quick deployment with automated configuration, monitoring and management of Wi-Fi access points. The controller also provides automated scaling to support more than 10,000 access points.

Nokia AirScale Wi-Fi enables new business in the cloud era:

  • Nokia AirScale Wi-Fi comprises compact indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi access points, Wi-Fi integrated into the Nokia Flexi Zone G2 Base Station and a cloud-based controller that runs on the Nokia AirFrame server platform.
  • State-of-the-art Wi-Fi technology* provides gigabit speeds.
  • LTE-Wi-Fi Aggregation paves the way for 5G multi-connectivity framework and brings scalability and cost efficiency when integrating Wi-Fi with mobile networks.
  • Mobile Edge Computing lets service providers differentiate and win new business in the cloud era by using analytics and by providing location-relevant content, like video playback services, indoor navigation and personalized discount coupons on the spot.

Mr. CH Jih, Senior VP and Chief Technology Officer, Taiwan Mobile, said: “At Taiwan Mobile, our prime objective is to provide the best mobile broadband experience to our customers. Wi-Fi is pivotal to achieve that, as it can quickly and cost-efficiently increase capacity especially in indoor locations, thereby complementing our high performance cellular network. We have successfully trialed Nokia’s AirScale Wi-Fi solution in our live network, firstly to validate the performance of the 802.11ac Wi-Fi access point, secondly to understand the practical benefits of hosting the Wi-Fi controller in the cloud. The results are very promising so far, and we look forward to extending the deployment to other locations as well.”

Mike Thelander, President and Founder, Signals Research Group, said: “Leveraging unlicensed spectrum is a necessity for operators to keep improving the mobile broadband experience, and an opportunity to expand their business into public venues and enterprises. Nokia is well positioned in this space, even more so after the successful acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent, and have chosen a disruptive architecture based on cloud controller and zone computing to making a true difference to established vendors.”

Mark Atkinson, head of Small Cells & Wi-Fi Solutions at Nokia, said: “Nokia AirScale Wi-Fi expands on the existing components of our widely deployed Smart Wi-Fi solution, including the industry leading carrier-grade WLAN Gateway. Cloud-based Wi-Fi underlines our commitment to this prominent radio access technology, allowing operators to deliver a true cellular-like experience over Wi-Fi and ultimately to combine the best of Wi-Fi and LTE with the help of LWA.”

Did you know?
The new Nokia is a leading vendor in this end-to-end solution space with 55 Wi-Fi contracts globally.